The Three Dominant Qualities of Qualitative Research

Research Design Review

Among the 10 distinctive attributes associated with qualitative research, there are three that essentially encompass what it means to use qualitative characteristics of qualitative researchmethods – the importance of context, the importance of meaning, and the participant-researcher relationship. In fact, one could argue that these constitute the three dominant qualities of qualitative research in that they help to define or otherwise contribute to the essence of the remaining seven attributes. The “absence of absolute ‘truth’,” for instance, is an important aspect of qualitative research that is closely associated with the research (in-depth interview, focus group, observation) environment where the dominant attributes of context, meaning, and participant-researcher interactions take place. As stated in a November 2016 Research Design Review article, the “absence of absolute ‘truth’”

refers to the idea that the highly contextual and social constructionist nature of qualitative research renders data that is, not absolute “truth” but, useful…

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Books and other documents collected from Canada

21.08.2017 At the airport:

  • Toronto and Niagara falls. Gray Line sightseeing;
  • Explore Ontario Map.

22.08.2017 At the temple bought, Ranga paid cost:

  • Mindfulness, bliss, and beyond: Ameditator’s handbook by Ajahn Brahm. Boston: Wisdom Publications.

Had lunch at Dixy mall to celebrate Muriel birthday.

Went to the home of Gamini uncle where Kumundu was staying.

23.08.2017 ranga brought:

  • Totonto Sun (August 27 2017). කැනඩාවේත් පත්තර කලින් පිටවෙන හැඩයි.)

Went to see Lake Ontario and nearby park.



26.08.2017 baby Lily came to play with Kusali

27.08.2017 At 2.00 pm went to Niagara falls with the monk of the temple:

Niagara Parks:

  • Visitor Guide 2017-2018 Travel journal.;
  • Niagara helicopter tours;
  • Dinosaur adventure golf;
  • Adventure begins here;
  • Bird kingdom;
  • Jetboat niagara;
  • Skylon tower: Celebrating fifty years (1965-2015);
  • Free coupon book: Attractions Niagara

Butterfly garden:

  • WellandCanal;
  • Butterfly conservatory;
  • Pollinator garden route;
  • Saving the pollinators: Our world depends on it;
  • Wego ride to fun; Niagara parks:
  • Niagara falls: Adventure pass;
  • Niagara Segway Tours;
  • St. catharines museum;
  • St. catharines museum & welland canals centre;
  • St. catharines museum & welland canals centre: Visitor guide;
  • A place to remember: Lost sons, fathers, husbands and brothers;
  • omu5e 5; Keyak;
  • The great lakes/ St. Lawrence seaway system

28.08.2017 4.00pm  South Common Community Center and Library and nearby Park:

  • Visual arts Mississauga at riverwood;
  • Arts on the credit tour;
  • the peel region handbook;
  • About my;
  • Explore your bruce trail;
  • Questions about your residential property assessment?;
  • Watch your child’s grades and confidence soar-with above  Grade Level tutoring!;
  • South peel naturalist’s club: Keeping an eye on nature;
  • New to miway?;
  • Indus community services;
  • Discover your museums;
  • Mississauga transitway: More trips coming your way;
  • Be unlimited;
  • Be unlimited: business and professional studies;
  • Modern Mississauga;
  • Take care
  • English study center;


  • Toronto§tar


  • Next home
  • City parent




2017 08 30 මිසිසාගා නිවසේ දී

1. කුසැලි සහ විද්‍යා සුදු පාට ටෙඩි බෙයාර් කෙනකු සදහා රණඩු වෙති. එය අයිති කුසාලිට ය. එහෙත් විද්‍යා එය රැගෙන ඇත.තවත් ටෙඩි බෙයාර් ලා 3ක් 4ක් තිබු ද සුදු පාට එකාට රණ්ඩු වෙති.

2. ටීවී එකේ වෘකයන් රැළක් හාවකු පසු පස එලවා උෘ අල්ලා කන දර්ශනයක් විය. තිරිසන් සතුන් සේ ම මිනිසුන් ද මෙසේ තම අරමුණු කරා යාමට තිරිසනුන් සේ හැසිරෙන බව පැහැදිලි ය.

Action Research

In Sri Lanka, Action research (AR) in the field of school education officially started in 1967. The reason for this decision on AR in Sri Lanka is the following document which was published in 1967 in both English and Sinhala language. (Alles, B.J.P., de Silva, A., Fernando, W.D., Sirisena, U.D.I., & Warnasuriya, W.M.A. (1967) Working paper: Action research pilot project for improvement of school practice through supervision and assessment of school performance. Ceylon: Division of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education.)